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Cook MyoSite SkMDC—Advancing research with higher quality
human muscle cells.

Human primary cells are an essential tool for researchers in both academic and industrial settings, creating a bridge between the discovery and translational phases of medical research.

Unlike larger cell suppliers, Cook MyoSite is focused specifically on your muscle-related research needs. We offer researchers the highest quality, most characterized primary human skeletal muscle cells on the market. Cook MyoSite cells offer benefits for researchers in the following ways:

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Broad Selection

Cells are categorized by age, gender, race. Social and medical history data are also available (e.g. BMI, smoking history, diabetic, insulin dependent, etc.).

Superior Characterization

Cook MyoSite SkMDC are the most characterized human primary cells available today. We provide researchers with only muscle cell populations of the highest purity, as determined by flow cytometry using reliable myogenic cell markers. Additionally, a gene expression profile is generated for each lot of cells produced to further characterize the expression levels of a variety of pertinent myogenic gene targets. Together, these data provide researchers with a clearly defined primary starting culture.

High Quality

SkMDC are isolated, expanded and cryopreserved with a quality that is based on years of controlled cellular manufacturing experience. Each lot of SkMDC is free from adventitious agents and is quality tested to ensure product consistency and performance.

Consistent Isolation

Each lot is produced through a tightly controlled process using only high quality processing materials to ensure the consistent isolation of SkMDC.

Reliable Expansion

Cook MyoSite MyoTonic is a culture medium specifically formulated for human skeletal muscle cell culture. When MyoTonic is paired with Cook MyoSite SkMDC, starting cultures reliably expand to experimentally relevant quantities while maintaining cellular phenotype in culture.

Reserve Specific Lots of Cells

Need to guarantee a certain population of cells will be available to ensure consistency in your long-term research? Cook MyoSite offers a convenient and affordable solution for customers who would like to purchase at least 10* vials of a particular lot of cells. Pay at least 50% of the cost up front, and we'll store your selected cells for up to two years**. No holding fees are charged; you will be billed as cells are shipped after surpassing the initial 50% down payment.

*Unfortunately, we cannot hold orders of less than 10 vials of cells. Please contact us for volume discount pricing on orders for more than 5 vials of cells.
**If cells are not paid for within two years, CMI will void the balance due and return the cells to inventory available to all customers.

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Safe Harbor

Cook MyoSite is certified with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Safe Harbor Privacy program for the transfer of clinical study data that pertains to residents of the European Union. Safe Harbor Privacy Program

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