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Total RNA—High Quality RNA from highly pure populations
of human SkMDC. - Product Details

Cook MyoSite offers high quality, total RNA that is extracted from human skeletal muscle progenitor cells. Total RNA can also be requested from specific SkMDC populations that are characterized by gender, age, social background, and known medical conditions (see SkMDC inventory). Enhance your research and maximize your time by choosing RNA from the muscle cell experts — Cook MyoSite. Cook MyoSite highly-pure RNA provides the following benefits:

  • RNA can be immediately utilized in your molecular assays
  • All samples are treated to remove residual genomic DNA
  • RNA is tested for concentration and purity
  • Each vial contains 5µg of RNA suspended in RNase-free water
  • Allows you to maximize your time compared to isolating RNA in-house


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